Estonie : Arko Narits plays Chopin very nice.

Publié le 15 Novembre 2017



Arko Narits (born in 1999) started his path to become a musician in Tartu 1st Music School where he studied for eight years in Tiiu Noor’s piano class. He graduated with honours in 2014. Since then Arko is studying in Tallinn Music High School where he is taught by Estonian pianist Marko Martin.

Arko has achieved a lot in competitions and has been an active participant during his studies.

In May 2016 he won the 2nd prize and two special prizes in the international piano competition “Палескi агеньчык“ in Belarus. A month earlier Arko had won the 1st prize in the 8th competition for Estonian young pianists.

In April 2015 Arko participated in the international competition for pianists “Town of Gagny” in France and won the valuable 2nd place there. In November he got the 1st prize in the international competition for young musicians “Kaunas Sonorum” in Lithuania.


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