the last Monk.

Publié le 19 Mars 2009

Br.John, the last monk of Skellig Island,SW. Ireland.
Also known as Skellig Michael (Sceilig Mhichíl in Irish
), this is the larger of the two islands, rising to over 230 m above sea level. With a sixth-century Catholic Celtic monastery perched on a ledge close to the top.The monks of St. Fionan's monastery led simple lives and lived in stone, beehive shaped huts around a centrral small stone Oratory.. They would descend the 670 steps early every morning and fish for the morning's breakfast and would spend the rest of the day praying in the church, tending to their gardens and studying. The huts, which are round on the outside and rectangular on the inside, were carefully built so that no drop of rain ever entered between the stones.
The monks left the island in the thirteenth century and it became a place of pilgrimage.
Sung by Loreena Mckennitt (Canadian Singer and harpist)
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0 light the candle, John
The daylight has almost gone
The Birds have sung their last
The bells call all to Mass.....

Rédigé par philippe

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Merci pour cette musique apaisante et cette vidéo rafraîchissante.<br /> <br /> En udp