SWFL piano prodigy's music belies his tender years

Publié le 9 Février 2015





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If you cover your eyes while Noah Waddell's hands speed along the keys of a piano, you'd swear you're hearing a seasoned pianist in the prime of their talent.



Sunday the piano prodigy displayed his talent to a crowd of about 300 at First Presbyterian Church of Bonita Springs with a selection of classical music from Bach to Chopin, Liszt to Prokofiev. The concert was part of about 30 or so the young pianist is scheduled to perform at area churches — some including music during services — from December to April.


"He's a homegrown, local," said dad Barry Waddell. "He's quite amazing."


Listening to him play, others have the same opinion as proud papa.


"I think he's fabulous, unbelievable," said Lois Kaul, 84, of Naples, a church-member who stayed to hear Noah's concert. "At that age, he's just fantastic."



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